About AHI’s Global Blog

The AHI Global Blog posts on topics relevant to affordable housing around the world. It is a place for the staff and associates of the Affordable Housing Institute to explore housing issues worldwide. Topics range from personal experiences to interesting articles, from ideas we’re considering to photos we’ve captured. Read, learn, and explore with us!

We also welcome guest contributions from those interested in sharing their thoughts about international housing issues. Please contact Lindsey Kreckler at lkreckler@affordablehousinginstitute.org for more information.

What does AHI do?

We assist all mission driven efforts in housing delivery. That means we work anywhere from the supply side to the demand side of housing, from finances to policy, and from public to private sectors. Below are some of the services we’ve provided so far, though we’re exploring new grounds every day:
•    Policy and strategic advice to government entities, at both the national and municipality level.
•    Business product engineering, such as housing improvement loans.
•    Business plan creation.
•    Market entry consulting for housing, construction, financial entities.
•    Feasibility analysis.
•    And many more.

1 thought on “About AHI’s Global Blog

  1. milon

    Hi .
    I am Milon Kumar Paul .I am a student of Khulna University in Bangladesh.I am working on an academic thesis. My thesis topic is ” Understanding pro poor housing finance in Bangladesh” because of it i want some relevant articles and also need all history of pro poor housing finance.Would you please help me.


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