What we’re reading: Number of People Displaced by Violence Highest in 20 Years, Agency Says

According to The New York Times, the number of people displaced from their homes by violence is the highest it’s been in 20 years. This is largely a result of the crisis in Syria, where close to 10,000 people are forced to leave their homes because of violence every day.

“….More than 33 million people were displaced within their countries as a result of conflict by the start of this year, said Jan Egeland, the head of the council and a former humanitarian affairs chief for the United Nations. The pace of displacement is accelerating, he added, with more than eight million people newly displaced in 2013, an increase of 1.6 million from the previous year. Nearly half of them were in Syria, which remains the biggest displacement crisis in the world.

More than three-quarters of those displaced in 2013 were in just five countries. Alongside Syria and Nigeria, these included Central African Republic; the Democratic Republic of Congo, where, after 15 years of various insurgencies, a million people were forced to flee violence last year; and Sudan, where close to half a million fled new waves of violence in a decade-old conflict…..”

Read the full article here.

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