Gaynor Asquith, 1952 – 2011: AHI MEE report co-author

By Janaki Blum, AHI Staff


Gaynor discussing the report she co-authored at NHC in Washington DC.

We are sad to announce the death on Saturday, November 12th, 2011, of Gaynor Asquith, a close friend of AHI and co-author of the much-requested landmark AHI report, Mission Entrepreneurial Entities: Essential Actors in Affordable Housing Delivery.

Gaynor had over 25 years experience in housing and community regeneration, which included housing investment in the public and social sector in the UK,  especially working at both national and regional levels at the Housing Corporation and Guinness Trust.

She was a founder and well loved director of arc4 a Manchester, UK-based consultancy that specializes in providing creative and workable solutions to complex regeneration issues.

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Gaynor was a committed conservation activist for Africa, co-founding Project African Wilderness and the PAW Trust, for whom she was a tireless fundraiser and spokesperson.

David Smith, AHI’s Founder and personal friend of Gaynor’s has written an appreciation of her at the AHI USA blog:

arc4 has a tribute to Gaynor and will carry a memorial book on their website. Please email to share your thoughts and memories of Gaynor.

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