What’s happening in Affordable Housing?

Janaki Blum, Administrative Director at AHI

Next week, the 3rd Asia Pacific Housing Forum and Exhibition 2011 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand. On the heels of current environmental calamities, this convening of practitioners engaged in providing urban poverty housing solutions will concentrate on “Sustainable Shelter in an Age of Climate Change and Disasters,” sharing experiences around the problems of substandard housing, and looking to integrate disaster mitigative strategies into ‘bottom-up’ development planning processes.

Other news and opinions from around the world:

Kenyan Government to resume Kibera slum upgrading
KBC NewsPrime Minister Raila Odinga has announced government plans to resume the construction of more housing units under the stalled slum upgrading project in Kibera. Major roads rehabilitation projects were factored in the current financial year also.

Dismal progress in social housing
The HinduData released recently by the Indian government shows a distinct lack of progress in providing housing for the poor. Only by exploring innovative practices from other regions, and radically changing the approach to the provision of social housing, can the vision of making cities slum-free be realised.

Labor Day Milestone for AFL-CIO HIT: Union Pension Capital Helps Create More Than 11,000 New Construction Jobs in Two Years
Market WatchThe AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust (HIT) is putting construction workers back on the job: The HIT created more than 10,000 union construction jobs during the past two years, and set a new goal of reaching 15,000 jobs by year-end 2012. It is already on its way to meeting this new objective with more than 11,000 jobs created to date.

Social Impact Investment Opportunity Looks To Tackle Housing Crisis
RealwireEqufund, the social investments and finance specialist, has opened an investment opportunity to use private investment to tackle the growing housing crisis, and is appealing to investors to fund community self-build projects in some of the UK’s most deprived areas. Through the scheme, those who cannot afford to buy a home can invest their own time and effort in building or renovating a property in return for a deposit and financial support.

Affordable housing? Borrow a page from NYC
Jerusalem Post
Israel’s affordable housing crisis can be fixed by adapting New York City’s combination of public financing incentives to attract private capital, land disposition strategies to promote economically diverse communities, and a wide range of private and nonprofit developers to construct and manage properties. An essential ingredient is government leadership in creating these tools..

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