Global affordable housing news roundup August 5, 2011

Janaki Blum, Administrative Director

Today’s post is a round up of this week’s affordable housing related news, insights, and events. We get this content from news sources, RSS feeds, and friends.

Slums surround Uganda’s capital city
NL Aid – Uganda’s capital city Kampala is gradually turning into a slum city, in spite of uts modern facelifts, as the many slums surrounding the city are fighting to take over its presence.

China Bank Regulator Calls On Banks To Aid Public Housing Plan
Wall Street Journal – China’s banking regulator on Friday urged banks to extend credit and offer preferential lending rates to support the construction of public housing, in a bid to ease funding shortfalls that have hampered the key government project.  

Home ownership hits lowest level since 1965
CNN – As the foreclosure crisis continues to wreak havoc on the housing market, home ownership is on the decline and the United States is fast becoming a nation of renters, says a recent Morgan Stanley report.

Mortgage rates at record lows. Will that finally lift US housing market
Christian Science Monitor – Record-low interest rates on mortgages are one outcome of debt-ceiling deal. But they are just one piece of recovery for the housing market, which is beset by falling prices and high jobless rates.

New horizon for Urumqi’s slum areas
China Daily – A once dreadful slum in the capital of Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has witnessed a staggering 70 percent drop in crime in the past two years as the local government fine-tuned its role to offer more “services” and less on management.

Hundreds of thousands cannot get on housing ladder – Almost 200,000 people in Britain are forced to stay with relatives or continue paying rent because councils are failing to build affordable homes for people to buy, according to a new survey.

Affordable Housing: Speculation Does Its Damage
Bernama, Kuala Lumpur – Speculation continues to do its damage at a time when increasing population and diminishing sites are pushing house prices beyond the reach of the working class.

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